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My First High Intensity Full Body Workout | Gianna’s Lifestyle

Today, I did my first high-intensity full body workout. And holy, I was hella terrified, and currently am SO sore. I have a good friend Brittany who decided to take me under her wing and show me the ropes at the gym. She is definitely a gym expert, and I am definitely not, so this was quite the experience. Lemme give you all a play by play.

7:00AM: Wake up, get dressed, have some breakfast. Britt ordered that I have some carbs before I workout, so I had a bagel and a banana, with lots of water to stay hydrated!

8:00AM: Leave the house to be at the gym in New Westminster by 9:00am.

9:00AM: Arrive at the gym, looking and feeling terrified as hell.


January Favourites | Giannoula Beauty

Hey friends!

January has been a crazy busy month, and I wanted to share my favourite beauty items of the month!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick – Sagittarius
I’ve been OBSESSED with Jeffree Star’s Liquid Lipstick in Sagittarius! I ordered it off Beautylish for around $25 with shipping. They are super comfortable on the lips, and very lightweight. The colour is a super pretty dusty rose/mauve colour and looks so beautiful. They’re so worth the price, I would recommend them to everyone!

Olay Daily Facials Deep Clean 4-in-1 Water Activated Cloths
These facial wipes are a god send! I tend to wear a full face of makeup everyday, because I LOVE makeup, but I also work at Victoria’s Secret and like feeling put together for work when it comes to my face. These wipes work by running them under warm water, and lathering them up and just swiping them on your face! They are the best makeup wipes for my skin, and take off all of my face, eye, and lip product. They come in a pack of 33, and at a price of $10.99 regular price and as low as $6.99 on sale, they’re an awesome price and I don’t mind buying once a month or so! My skin has cleared up immensely since purchasing them at the end of December and using them all of January. They truly do work to deep clean and cleanse the skin.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish – Soft & Gentle
I am a total highlighter fanatic! I have been using Soft & Gentle since the summer, but during the holidays, I totally packed it on. I feel like highlight is so fun during the holidays with glowy, warm, eye looks and was definitely a favourite this month!

Morphe 35T – 35 Colour Taupe Eyeshadow Palette
My Morphe palette was a complete favourite in January! With all the holiday dinners, gatherings, and going out with friends, I was obsessed with doing beautiful eyeshadow looks to compliment every look. The 35T Palette has the perfect shades of amazing, pigmented, taupe colours and so many unreal shimmers that were such great shades. All the pigments complimented eachother, and the opportunities were truly endless. Morphe makes amazing eyeshadows, I really want to get another couple palettes from them this year! PS…you can purchase them at Curlique on Robson in Downtown Vancouver, and they’re SO affordable!

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